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Cubic Consulting are experts in change. We see eLearning as part of the bigger picture - changing your organisation for the better.

We draw on a wide range of consultants with specialisations in Change Management, Communications, Learning & Performance, eLearning and Instructional Design. By focusing on the people related issues of business change and workplace learning our collaborative approach delivers tailored learning and performance management programs.

We work with industry bodies to deliver learning experiences that meet the unique needs of Local Government:

  • Case studies presenting real Local Government scenarios
  • Authentic people and environments that learners can relate to
  • Audio narration for greater accessibility
  • Purpose designed graphics for rich, stimulating learning
  • Learning checks and quizzes pitched to provide support and reinforcement, not to act as tests

We can also help you:

  • Analyse your Learning and Performance requirements.
  • Develop your learning and eLearning Strategy
  • Implement efficient and reliable Learning Management Systems
  • Make engaging online courses
  • Deliver blended learning solutions
  • Write and manage performance support resources.